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PVC products make life more secure, provide added comfort and help to make activities more enjoyable for those who require additional support in their everyday lives. PVC products also offer a high return on investment as they are quite affordable; allowing clients from every step of life to enjoy the benefits.

Originally developed to replace rubber and glass, PVC products have been used in various industries for over 50 years. The material has been especially popular in the medical and long term care fields due to its comfort, strength and ability to be easily sterilized. Most importantly, products made from PVC inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi, reducing the risk of life-threatening infections often developed when traditional devices are used by a variety of different people and in different locations.

Because of its unique ability to slow down the growth of bacteria and fungi, PVC products can confidently be used for both institutional and personal residential use without the concern of disease transmission to the vulnerable.

Clients will not experience rusting, peeling, or chipping on the frames of PVC products although many environments expose the products to wet, high humidity and harsh chemicals.

Additional benefits include:

  • Well-built - PVC products are well built and are extremely strong, made with UV inhibitors
  • Extremely durable - Added support is used for the purpose of increasing durability of the products
  • Made with comfort in mind - Anthros PVC’s products are warm to the touch with smooth edges and a high-gloss finish to enable everyday use
  • Aesthetically pleasing - Anthros PVC’s product designs are aesthetically pleasing and practical at the same time
  • Environmentally friendly - Anthros PVC products are environmentally friendly
  • Waterproof

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