Anthros Medical

About Us

Anthros PVC Products, LLC was started in 2015 when Anthros Medical was purchased and relocated to Darien, Wisconsin. With the foundation of a broad product offering and manufacturing processes, our current company is changing and growing to meet your needs.

“Quality products made to order in a short timeline” is the goal of our manufacturing and engineering teams. Product improvements have been made in many areas as well as production efficiency improvements. All of this “behind the scenes” improvements ensure high quality products are produced the same way every time they are ordered.

The Anthros customer service and support teams have been restructured to offer world class customer service with a personal touch. This cohesive team is available via email at We are very pleased to receive your purchase orders, quote requests, and any requests for copies of invoices or delivery receipt via email. This allows you and us a communication trail which builds history of product orders for future reference. Email communications can improve all of our efficiencies, but please know we are available via telephone when you need us.

Anthros is a sister company to Royal Basket Trucks, Inc. sharing common ownership and manufacturing facilities. All products are Made in the USA.

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